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city where that cleanup continues. we hear that a big decision was just made in new york city? >> reporter: yeah, in fact, jeff, they decided after days of controversy to now cancel the new york city marathon this weekend, deciding it's a time to stop, stay, and help instead of run in the city. you can see what is left of an older part of the boardwalk behind me here in atlantic city. so many communities from lower manhattan through here in atlantic city, up and down the east coast, all struggling, trying to find some way to come back right now. heavy equipment helps to steer the difficult recovery. power lines are slowly going back up. but many places are still overmatch bird the devastation sandleft behind. >> this is well beyond what any of us ever imagined. >> reporter: the long road to recovery now literally lined with hundreds of thousands struggling to survive. the lines stretch for blocks if you're lucky, but more often for miles. people waiting in traffic or for a ride on the limited public transportation available. hundreds hanging out just to charge their phones. >>
, the annual macy's thanksgiving parade. and that's in new york city. preparations are still in the final stages. balloons are being filled and raised to the sky, and thousands will be marching. and millions around the country will be watching tomorrow. but this year a very special tribute will be paid to those affected by hurricane sandy. each person in the parade will be wearing a pin from the american red cross. and a special float will be dedicated to the first responders and volunteers. >>> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, who used to work at 30 rock at the network level. how is that parade, jeff? >> it's incredible. if you live in new york city, you have to go see it in person at least once. all right. let's get a look at the doppler radar here. over the past 24 hours, we have had a lot of rainfall. also plenty of snow up across the sierra. but it is now cleared out there. are no raindrops on the roadways. if you're doing any traveling tonight, it's a lot safer for you. but let's get a look at these impressive rainfall totals. the north bay got in over an inch. w
. mr. obama received a key endorsement today from new york city mayor and independent michael bloomberg. with five days until election day, president obama campaigned across wisconsin, nevada and colorado. mitt romney travelled across virginia today. both sides concentrating on nine swing states which could make the difference. >> the president wants to see four more years, that's his chant. our chant is this, five more days, all right? >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. >> and today's nbc poll, the president leads mitt romney by six points in iowa. the races in wisconsin and new hampshire are much tighter. >>> an effort is underway to establish a reward nund last night's murder of a popular business owner. investigators say robbery was the motive for the deadly shooting of 50-year-old wilbur bartley. he was closing his cell phone store on international boulevard. when police say he was confronted by one or two gunmen. he
, setting a record for snowfall in new york city. winds toppled power lines putting more than 100,000 people in the dark. possibly for the second time in just over a week. >> i went out to run to a store. i came back. my house was black, my kids were all frantic. no heat. it's just -- it's been crazy. >> one after the other. across the country, airlines cancelling more than 1,000 flights in the bay area for a second straight day. about a dozen east coast flights have been cancelled. >>> for many with disabilities standing out in a crowd is an uncomfortable experience. but for others, grabbing the spotlight is what defines them. >> a redwood city teenager is making herself stand out in a big, loud way. garvin thomas is here with her story in our bay area proud. >> angel gonzalez was born with spina bifida. in her case, means a wheelchair for the rest of her life. but while her disability may prevent her from doing certain daily tasks, it didn't stop her from dreaming big. and turning that dream into reality is tonight's bay area proud. >> for a dream that involves so much yelling, it's amazin
in chief toured the east coast today, president obama visited new york city. and specifically staten island and saw the devastation left behind by super storm sandy. he thanked volunteers who have handed out millions of maeals. 400,000 people have asked for emergency aid from fema. >>> several high profile republicans tonight are distancing themselves from mitt romney after his comments about why president obama won the electi election. in a phone call last night, romney asserted the president won by giving out gifts to minorities and young people. citing specifically immigration proposals and free contraception coverage for women. at the end of the meeting, several party leaders predicted the gop will lose again if it keeps running the same playbook of remarks instead of outlining detailed policies. >>> here's the good news, it didn't happen a week from now, during the thanksgiving holiday. thousands of passengers around the world were stuck at airports after a major computer glitch. about 250 flights were delayed. that affected traffic all over the country obviously. united officials say
for new york city, and mayor bloomberg there wants help picking up the pieces. new york's mayor announcing today that the city suffered $19 billion in losses from that storm. bloomberg is planning a trip to capitol hill this week to ask congress for almost $10 billion in aid. that's in addition to the $5.4 billion they expect in reimbursements from fema. it's not sure how much of the city's request will overlap with the 30 billion that new york's governor requested from the feds. >>> in health matters tonight, the company behind the so-called sprinkle diet is paying nearly a million dollars to the state of california. the makers of sensa, a diet supplement which is sprinkled on food have agreed to pay $900,000 to settle a false advertising lawsuit. that was filed by several district attorneys, including santa clara counties. the state's nutritional supplement task force investigated the claims that its weight loss benefits were proven in the largest clinical study ever. expert says the study was just bogus. the settlement money will help enforce consumer protection laws. >>> for parents ou
and coastal erosion expected. and some of the same hard-hit areas from hurricane sandy, including new york city, staten island, and also the northern new jersey coastline. there is no good path for the storm system. it is very unfortunate. then as we head throughout saturday, we'll start to see the showers clear out. and throughout sunday, we get some sunshine and a some mid-60s. so sunday is the best day of your weekend so far coming your way. >> we'll take it. thank you, jeff. >>> still ahead, it was an upgrade they didn't ask for. the cell phone carrier now paying some customers for its mistake. >>> and another victory. how president obama made history last night. stay with us. >>> an arrest in the burglary at the napa county home of congresswoman nancy pelosi. police arrested kevin hagan. here is his mug shot. the 21-year-old admitted to burglarizing six properties in napa since halloween. police responded to an alarm at pelosi's house monday afternoon. they found the front door smashed in. it's not clear if anything was taken. now pelosi won reelection as you might know to her 13th fu
locations. in new york city alone, more than 60 polling places had to be moved or closed because of last week's storm. >>> an autopsy today has revealed that a 2-year-old boy did not die from the fall, but the mauling of wild dogs at the pittsburgh zoo. the boy's mother placed the toddler on the railing yesterday so he could get a look at the african painted dogs exhibit. but the boy slipped and fell into the enclosure. his family and onlookers watched helplessly in horror as 11 dogs attacked the boy. >> it happened so quickly. it happened literally in seconds. it was very, very quick. there was very, very little anybody could do. >> there was a safety net below the railing, but the boy bounced off of it and into the pen. police shot and killed one dog. the other ten are in quarantine. an internal investigation at the zoo is now under way. >>> in health matters, do you have a fear of living without your cell phone? you could be suffering from a very specific illness. it's called nomophobia. a recent british survey found nearly two-thirds of users show signs of nomo of phobia. symptoms in
disappearance of a new york city boy has been charged with his kidnapping and murder. a grand jury today indicted 51-year-old pedro hernandez for strangling 6-year-old etan patz. investigators say hernandez has confessed, but his attorneys say he is mentally ill, and his confession can't be trusted. etan's disappearance prompted a high profile search and spawned a movement to publicize missing child cases on milk cartons. his body was never found. >>> some tech headlines this evening stemming from menlo park. if you own stock in facebook, you made some money today, even though about 800 million shares of facebook stock went on sale this morning, facebook's stock still went up, gaining more than 12%. investors showing confidence in facebook's future, despite all the new shares hitting the market. >>> an east bay teenager who won national attention when he was denied promotion to eagle scout will be honored by his hometown tonight. ryan anderson was invited to ellen degeneres' afternoon talk show after he was denied the rank of eagle scout because he is guy. his mother launched an online p
't see it. coming up, "saturday night live" takes on the fight between a celebrity chef and "the new york times." >> my awesome pretzel chicken tenders with a side -- >>> it's a good time to be living in san jose if you're woman. "self" magazine ranked the city at the top of its list as the healthiest places for women. san jose won because of air quality and the number of bike trails and farmer's markets. bethesda, maryland came in second followed by san francisco, santa barbara, and honolulu to round out the top five. >>> well, here we go. it was cut from the tv broadcast, but it made the web. "saturday night live" was working on a skit about how bay area chef guy fieri would respond to that recent "new york times" review which blasted his new restaurant in times square. >> if you just shopped at the m&m's store, and you're wearing a foam statue of liberty visor, you're going to find eating my pretzel chicken tenders with a side of grape juice pretty good. but if you come in expecting le cirque, you're a jerk. >> instead there was a cameo by new jersey governor chris chrissie. the govern
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10